Jelena Filipović Zrnić Jelena Filipović Zrnić

My name is Jelena Filipovic and I am dentist. I was born in Rijeka on the 12 Oct 1973. I enrolled in Rijeka School of Dentistry in 1992 where I gratuated with honours in 1998. The same year I enrolled in postgratuated dentistry studies in Zagreb. After passing my final residency exam, I commenced working in the private surgery in Rijeka where I polished my dentist skills. At the same time, I gained knowledge and experience on how to run one's own private practice. In the year 2000 I thus opened my own dental clinic in the town of Porec. Given the progress of science and application of new technologies in medicine and dentistry, I proactively engage in continuous professional education and development by attending relevant training courses. I am fluent in Italian and English.